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Hello, everyone today, I’m doing an entry on the best notebook for journaling and I’m going to talk about the number one most important criteria to consider before getting one and yeah and what’s general important, before making the decision of what kind of tough to get. But before get started, I just want to let my subscribers know that I recently started an Instagram account. So if you have Instagram feel free to check me out on the the journaljoy, I will put a link in the description box. Thanks. Alright, let’s get started.

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The most important thing to consider before getting a notebook and what’s really important fruit. You know that decision is you should get a yield notebook that you actually use. If you don’t use it, then there’s no point to having one. So that’s really the most important thing and I’m going to talk about what to take into consideration to really get clear on what makes you use their notebook and makes you want to use in a book. So let’s get started

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The first thing is size. We have a compact small notebooks to the pockets, size, notebook and a small letter journal here. There is medium size notebooks, which are typically around an a5 and then there’s marginal folks that are usually around an a4 size or slightly small like this is an extra-large. Most can this is a lower. My believe this is a b5 right here and then we have college block right here. College Rules,  standard. You know we know this is far about notebook.

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Before you know making the decision what size to get you should ask yourself how much writing are you going to do? Are you going to do large amounts of writing which would require a larger notebook and it’s clearly obviously best to go with a bigger size, one if you want to do large sketching and again, you need a bigger notebook. Where are you going to your writing? Do it at home, which you know doesn’t matter, you can have the side like this. You know in your nightstand any desk wherever you write, you know just keep it there.

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But if you want to write on the go, then, ideally you would get a pocket-sized notebook. It’s super portable, you can throw it in your purse, chute bag, you can link your coat pocket or back pocket, and you know we always have it with you and for quick little notes and to-do lists and whatnot thoughts that you want to remember later. So if you are on the go, I highly recommend getting a smaller, more compact notebook.

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Unless you write a ton, then you need to set something slightly bigger. So then you could go for and like around an a5 size like this is a bearing thick right here and we have an X 17 right here or a classic Rodha notebook. So this is still a little bigger, but still compact enough. You can still throw this in the bag. It’S not too heavy, with these notebooks a little bit heavier and yeah after a while carrying these around you might not want to always schlep this weight around, so you might just leave it at home and forget about it and not use it so we could go for something smaller. If you’re on the go.

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The next thing is paper quality. Do you want to ride with a fountain pen with a pencil, a ballpoint pen if you do not use a fountain pen, then paper quality is not that important, but I do admit when you have a really nice paper call. It is just something to it. For example, when you take this road, a notebook, excellent paper, quality, supersonic and friendly, but even just with a ballpoint pen on the paper super smooth it just glides Penda lies over the paper. So that way, you have a very smooth writing experience and worst just tend to flow. But when the paper is kind of cheapy and like scratch, you rough, the pen does not flow as well, and that way you might not get into the flow as much and it’s, as I said, much more pleasurable – to write on a really nice paper quality.  Of course, if you’re on a budget, you might just get something more affordable like a spiral bound notebook, but if you can’t afford it, you spend between next fifteen and twenty dollars. You can get a really nice notebook with excellent paper quality for fountain pens. I highly recommend Rodhia Clairefontaine, Leuchtturm 1917, has really good paper quality as well, but Rodya and ClaireFontanie the best and then also there’s tomoe rivet paper, which is not as widely known and a thin paper. That is also excellent for fountain pens.

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Next criteria, do you want you want a hard or soft cover notebook, soft color notebooks like this? It’s usually super flexible benefit when you put it like in your back pocket and you work on your body, it’s more bendable and it’s easy to carry around. I’m also loved about soft covers you just take a pen, you throw it in there and close it, and especially isn’t that elastic strap like this one. It just stays in there

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With hard cover notebooks. You don’t always know what to do with your pen, but I will show you a little trick with the Rodhia right here. Just take, jelastic, strap and then put the pen and here and then you have your pen secured as well. So that’s another option for carrying your kind around with the hardcover notebook.Best Notebook for Journaling 5 43 screenshot

Hardcover notebooks, our general, more durable. this doesn’t really Bend at all, is really sturdy. It will hold up better. Some soft covers tend to fall apart, a little bit more easily like there’s a Moleskin, it’s a little bit ripped apart in me and said. I can’t really show you because it’s personal notes in there, but yet hard covers, tend to hold up a little bit better. Also, when you write on the go – and you do not have a writing surface, this will provide this dirty writing surface, which might be a little bit harder to write on a softcover notebook without something to writeBest Notebook for Journaling 5 57 screenshot

There’s something else to consider the design. Do you like colorful notebooks, do you want something classic do you want to take notes in a professional environment, and I can say you know I would consider just a classic plain black notebook like this Rodha or a Moleskin or Leuchtturm them as well? Just you know, it looks really elegant and nice and you can take this in any professional environment or it would something with a little bit more color inspire you to write more. I personally prefer darker colors and one plane. Design select, expand, Figg a lot. If there’s a nice little linen texture to it to the cover, so that’s really nice as well. It looks professional as well.

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Do you want also? Maybe a letter notebook or something that’s a little bit more rustic Looking with that inspired to write more ?- and it’s also something worth considering I’ll, really like to look a lot of notebooks for personal journaling like this repped, I travel for moisture – that’s really nice and also really nice paper inside. So what I forgot to mention was paper quality is, of course, if you do art in it sketching the art, you need to go for thicker paper so that I will be able to handle different types of pens, pens and watercolors and stuff like that.

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That’s another thing I just forgot to mention also because I’m holding this accessibility and I might almost sound silly, but I like to have easy access to my notebook when I’m on the go with this wrap tie. I tried this for a while. Every time you just pull it out and you want to take a quick note – it doesn’t really work that well, I kind of got frustrated with it. I love using these at home for longer writing sessions too great, but on the go, I want something like this or just open it up and I’m good to go and take my notes. So that’s also something worth considering. I noticed something very small and doesn’t seem really that important, but I just I thought it’s worth mentioning as well.Best Notebook for Journaling 8 32 screenshot

Another that is thing is lay flat design. I personally do not like notebooks that close up on themselves, this one stays open as well. It is a I will call it a travellish download book because it has inserts that can be replaced, and I think Midori kind of made that really popular with the travels notebooks systems that have replaceable notebooks in them and there’s just a notebook that we held together By a cover with an elastic, so the Midori’s usually close up on themselves when you write in them.

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Notebooks like this Barren Fig, you just open it up and it stays perfectly flat and it stays open. When you will be done, writing and that’s something that is important to me, becasuse a notebook that come and  close itself tends to annoy me also something worth considering. If it doesn’t bother, you then go for whatever you want, but I want to notebook that lie open flatten that provides a really nice flat writing surface.Best Notebook for Journaling 9 34 screenshot

Also with the paper, do you want blank paper? Do you want to sketching? You want to do mind, mapping your graph or do you want a stock grid and under of course, there’s line paper as well. Like I’m sure, y’all know what line people look like the Leuchtturm right here, so Genie guidance when you write – or you know you get all over the place and you like that that something gives you guidance as you write whatever you want to write, or do you want to do sketching like doctor? It is it’s like I feel, hybrid, between giving you guidance in a little bit more free space because you can sketch on this, but if the dots are not too intrusive. So that’s why I like that  a lot! Another thing: do you want to use the notebook just for journaling or for school notes for business notes or to do list?

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If you want to just use it for one thing like as a personal journal, or do you want to use it for taking different types of notes, if you do use it for different types of notes, I recommend something like the x17, where you have different notebooks Within one cover, because it makes it so much easier to keep yourself organized, maybe one little notebook in here is for personal journaling. One could be for school or business notes and then another one could just be for to-do lists and whatnot and stuff like that, and one can actually purchase inserts that are calendars. You could have a calendar in here well and that keeps you super organized and it’s still so much easier to find your notes within this notebook versus having this and then another. It’s good to do lists here and the school note here and then personal note there and it gets really confusing. So I know people like to organize themselves differently, but that’s something that I think is also worth considering and worth thinking about before getting a notebook.

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Another thing is course: your budget: can you afford spending anywhere between 15 20 to up to I mean, there’s no limited notebooks over a hundred dollars, easily they’ll available as well. If you had a budget of course go for the cheap, spellbound, notebook, ah specific box, and it does the job.

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But I highly recommend getting something a little bit nicer, because you get such a nicer writing experience with a notebook like this, and maybe it sounds a Little cheesy, but for me a good notebook, almost turns into a companion. I share my dears. I share my notes. I want to keep this for a long time, especially for journaling, and I look back in five 10 20 years and see you know how I saw the world a long time ago and a nice in a book I think, will stand the test of time, which Is really cheap paper Much is fall apart on you so and it just it’s just more enjoyable to write a nice notebook. It brings me personally more pleasure to have something nice for sir, to see cheap composition book course file about notebook. But if you are in a tighter budget and used to spend more on notebook, I also noticed, then you find notebook too precious and then sometimes you don’t write everything down. You actually wouldn’t want to write down because we feel, like you notes on that worth the notebook. So that’s like the downside of getting something too expensive when you feel like the notebooks almost too precious to writing. So at some point it is best to let go and just use it for whatever you want to use it and not think about if all the money you spent. So it’s best to just try to find that happy medium, something that’s maybe a little bit nicer for you, but that you still feel comfortable with in terms of how much you spend on it, so that  you just use it without like giving it too much Thought.

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I think those are all the most important things and criteria that I can think of for choosing a notebook. I’M sure there’s other things that I forgot about. If you know of anything else that I haven’t mentioned, that’s important to you when you get a notebook and a lot of you, absolutely love notebooks, I’m sure you already know which kind of notebooks you like using. So please feel free to leave me comment and share what kind of notebooks you like and for what reason and what’s important to you in a notebook. I’m really curious to hear and, as I said, I’m mal Instagram so feel free to find me there under the journaljoy.

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